138: Ruminations on the Comos

I have a cousin (who shall remain nameless) who was raised in a religion not my own, which has some views that I do not subscribe to. One of these views is the idea of multiple gods. On the one hand, this would explain a lot of things, and on the other hand, it’s just nutzoid. I don’t have a third hand.

In the first place, all this talk about God, or gods, or no God at all, is all an exercise in theory. Let’s face it, none of us knows for sure, we Believe or we don’t believe, and that’s about it. This is not to denigrate the Belief, or to say that Believing is not worth it, or is an exercise in futility. It’s not. However, to be the Devil’s advocate (and is there actually one of THOSE?) let’s just acknowledge that none of us actually knows.

That leaves all of us with a choice to make (and yes, not choosing is still a choice). The choice is this one: Do you want to believe in a random world where there is no Supreme Being looking out for you, with your best interests at heart, or do you want a world where there is such a Supreme Being? That’s about it in a nutshell. Yes, there are lots of little issues after you make that choice, but the choice is there, never-the-less.

Once you pick yea or nay, then you can begin to address all those other thorny little issues. These little issues have been the cause of many millions of people being killed in the name of this issue, or that issue, but the BIG ONE will at least have been addressed: God, gods, or no God?

After that, you can do your research and choose a particular faith to follow (assuming you picked yea), or you can get on with the law of the jungle (assuming you picked nay). Time, study and experience will help you figure out most of the other questions and issues, and the ones that you can’t figure out on your own, perhaps you can just ask about them……later.

As for me (and it is not a crutch, I know I can live a mortal life without help, but I’d rather not) I want to have a world that was ordered by Someone who is bigger and wiser than me, period. I am not interested in trying to claim that I am all that there is, and that my intellect is all I have to depend upon. God forbid, no pun intended. I want there to be more to this existence than I can see. I want there to be more. If I live my life with that, and die, and discover that I was wrong, I will have had a much more satisfactory experience here than if I had chosen me as the best that there is. And if I am right? WOO-HOO! A Supreme Being who has my best interests at heart? Oh, yeah.  Besides, I have had far more go right for me in this life than can be explained by pure chance. Something’s up with that, for sure, because I cannot say that I deserve it, or that it is Karma. So, having experienced more than some compassion in the great crap-shoot of life, I believe. And I am happy with that!


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