144: Lost Kitty

Some time back, Squeaky got adopted by another teacher here at the school where I teach. Squeak made herself totally lovable one evening when I volunteered to show two new international teachers the medina in Azrou, the town here in Morocco where we live. Squeak commandeered the lap of Miss O’Donnell, and turned the charm up to force 10. So, she got adopted.

A vacation of several days loomed on the horizon, so Miss O’Donnell asked if Squeak (now know by the more elegant moniker of Shukran, or Thank You in Arabic) came back for a visit, since there was no one to cat-sit her in the university apartments. While she was there, we had an electrical problem, and called the electrician. When he came to make repairs, he neglected to properly close the apartment door, and we had a massive kitty break-out. EVERYBODY went outside. This is a problem, since we normally allow only our four older cats outside, and only after we have personally walked them up and down the building steps a number of times, so that they know which door is home.

We recovered every cat but one – guess which one?? It has been over a week now, and we still have seen hide nor hair of Shukran. I feel terrible about this, since her disappearance happened when we were watching her. This is like losing someone’s CHILD!! We made posters with her picture, and I used Google translate to write, in French on each poster: Lost cat, brown stripe with a green collar: Reward, and our phone number. So far, no calls.


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