159: Recess

I need  recess.

We  have recess here at the school where I teach. When the recess bell rings, children spill  out of the building at every entrance  on their way to the playground. Their exuberance is plain to see.

Here lately, I have been literally dragging myself from obligation to obligation: school, home, husband,  sleep, school, home….and the never-ending cycle, the merry-go-round of life, continues. I need recess.

What is recess for grownups? It is certainly not found in the bottom of a bottle, I can assure you of that – whether the contents of the bottle be solid or liquid, that is no restorative! I have friends who have tried that –  no help. Drugs and alcohol actually make things worse – exponentially. Besides, it would be my luck to become addicted, and I don’t want that, either!

I’ve heard about the stress-relieving properties of exercise, and I would certainly feel better about myself if I was trim and toned. The only problem is that exercise is real, genuine WORK, and not enjoyable work, at that – at least for me. I have never gotten to the point where exercise was fun – I have heard other people say that, and I think they are lying. Exercise is not recess for me.

So what is recess for me? I enjoy a good book. Uninterrupted (which never happens). I enjoy sewing a new project, whether it be garment, accessory or home furnishing. I enjoy creating jewelry from mismatched pieces and parts, and I love to create – paint, sculpture, whatever – that is real recess  for me.

Now I just need the bell to  ring!


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