161: Training, and Cats

I just found under the sofa: 4 wine bottle corks, 5 bottle lids, 4 wads of paper, 12 pens, pencils and markers, 2 chicken bones, 4 gumballs, 3 q-tips and a toothpick, 4 small stones, an acorn, an M & M, 1 wood screw, 1 hair clip, 2 packages of prescription medicine, my swim nose clip, one chunk of coal, an ear plug, one dice, a broken clothes hanger and 3 tubes of lipstick. And ONE cat toy.

You would think they would play with the toys we purchased for them, we stupid kitty parents, but no. I have found the business card to the dentist, coins and other smallish things pushed under the rugs to maximum kitty arm length that they obviously lost while playing. My apartment is like a treasure hunt, you never know what you will find when you move something.

And trying to do something with them around is interesting, too. Every time we scoop out the kitty potty we have to be “supervised.” Three of them are very concerned that we might not do a good job, so they MUST come and watch – the whole process. And you should see the intense feline interest whenever we get a shower. It is apparent that they think we are nuts, because what sane kitty person would willingly get in water, but they are fascinated with the shower, nonetheless.  They have to inspect the  stall when we are done, minutely and with great care. You can see the wheels turning in their little kitty heads, trying to figure out this conundrum. WHY are mom and dad in that water??

And Lord forbid you clink two saucers together in the kitchen – that has evolved into the KITTY FOOD signal, and everybody comes running, meowing loudly for their eagerly anticipated treats. I wonder, do we have them trained, do they have us trained, or is it a mutual effort?


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