154: Women and Testosterone

I am female, which means my species is different from males. Does not matter that we are  both  homo sapiens, guys and girls are not of the same species. Not even remotely.

Check it out – if women ruled the world, there would be no more wars, just a bunch of countries jealous of each other and not speaking. That sounds better than the way men have been doing it – when they get depressed, they go conquer neighboring countries – when women get depressed, we read magazines and eat chocolate. We DON’T go to WAR.

I want to have this discussion with God when I get to heaven – I want to ask about hormones, because, seriously, there HAD to be a better way! There is something fundamentally flawed about the hormone system. Women, for example, are either too high on their hormones, or too low. Only about three days a month are we “just right.” This makes for exciting lives, but being on a roller coaster (constantly) gets old. For us females who are riding the hormone surges, and for those others who have to live with us. And testosterone? Please. I discovered when I had all my female insides removed (a course of action I heartily recommend), that I need more than the usual amount of FEMALE testosterone to function normally (read: not kill people). I did not even know there was any such thing as female testosterone. This could explain many of my life decisions.

I now understand why I was a tomboy as a child. I understand why I chose a traditionally male career path. I understand why I understand the male way of thinking much better than I do the female way. And all of this was related to hormones. I just THOUGHT I was in control of my life and decisions – but all of it was hormones. Sheesh. How humbling. I am just an animal like all other animals, ruled by hormones and instinct. So much for thinking I was being a thinking human being.


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