164: Morbid, with a really catchy tune


I have been humming this dad-gum thing all day.

My mom sends me e-mails of all sorts. I am not sure where she FINDS these things.  This one is a safety video from Australia about safety around trains. But it also incorporates the silliest other ways to die as well, in a cute cartoon format that is really funny to watch. It reminds me of the Darwin Awards (Google it).

If you have never looked up the Darwin Awards, the premise is this: Charles Darwin is the author of the Theory of Evolution, or the transcendence of the human species – WE are supposedly its pinnacle. The theory goes something like this: we all evolved, slowly and with great trial and error, from single-celled organisms, into what we have today, and our species is constantly improving itself because of the principle of “survival of the fittest.” This means the dumb ones are continually being killed off, due to their own stupidity, before they have the chance to pass along their genes to the next generation. After millions of years of this sort of survivalist breeding, we should all be geniuses, right? Well. Yeah, right.

The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek nod to the people who are stupid enough to remove themselves from the gene pool in the most absurd ways imaginable. Just look it up and read the stories of some of the past winners, an overwhelming percentage of whom are male. Lately, the Awards have been expanded to include those who don’t actually manage to kill themselves, but who DO manage to render themselves incapable of reproduction. The buck stops here. Those stories, like this cute train safety video clip, are also morbidly funny, and I challenge you to read them without laughing. Yes, people DIE, but it is their own stupid fault.

The link to the train video, so YOU can be humming it all day long, too:  http://www.upworthy.com/australia-officially-has-the-most-adorably-morbid-train-safety-video-ever?c=upw1


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