166: Color-coordinated

I like to dress in matching, or toning, colors, even down to my hosiery, costume jewelry and shoes. I even have my closet set up in colors – the purples together, the reds next, then the oranges, the yellows – you get the picture – like the rainbow ROY G. BIV scenario. Except I put purple first, where royalty should be placed.

Does this make me anal-retentive? Some of my friends think so, especially after they have seen my closet. I just don’t understand why this appears to make me obsessive-compulsive. When I travel, I choose colors in one, or at most two colors, so that everything will mix and match, giving me twice the clothing choices with half the garments – and a MUCH lighter suitcase!  Plus, it’s easier selecting  what watch, what necklace, what bracelet –  and one set will do. I see this as efficiency, not as restrictive or limiting. I BUY every color there is, except stark white and pastels,  since they make me look dead, washed out and sickly. I just don’t wear all the colors all at once.

I do not have a favorite color. There is not one section of my closet that is wider than another, signaling a color preference. I like them all. And, eventually, I wear them all. I am non-color-prejudiced – except for pastels, and then only on me. I like them on other people, I just can’t wear them well. So, I leave  them for others to buy who will appreciate them more than I will. But a screaming orange blouse?  MINE!! An acid green pair of pants that make your eyes bleed? GIMME THOSE!! The louder the color, the more I like it. Usually, the last thing left on the clearance rack is the one I would have chosen first – nobody else wants it but me.

I worked for a time at a fabric store, and when the new shipments came in and I was stocking shelves in another part of the store, I would hear the ladies discussing the new stuff as they unpacked it from the boxes. Occasionally, I would hear groans of disgust and comments such as: “Oh, my GOD, who would ever wear THAT?? Or, this one is so awful I can’t stand to look at it!!”  Then, somebody would whisper, loud enough for me to hear: Save it for Dianne!  And unfortunately, they were usually right, I would like it.

Even KNOWING this, I still like wearing clothes that I like, even knowing that some people are going to cringe. Hey, that’s THEIR problem.


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