167: Female Competition

Humans are competitive. Children are competitive. Women are competitive. So are men. Recently, I have learned that this is not something limited to our species. The first Moroccan cat I adopted is female. She, however, fairly quickly chose not me, but my husband as her favorite person. I really don’t mind this in theory, but in actuality, it has proven to be quite another thing.

She is insanely jealous. She resents intensely the fact that daddy (HERS) goes into the bedroom every night with mama (that would be ME, his wife), and…….SHUTS THE DOOR. OMG.

She is not confrontational. She does not claw at the door and meow, demanding to be let in immediately, or else. She is passive-aggressive, in the absolutely worst possible way, and she manages to communicate her extreme jealousy of HER daddy, MY husband, quite clearly and unmistakably. What she does is pee.

On only MY things. Deliberately, and with malice aforethought.

Our kitchen table has two chairs, both of which have a padded cushion. Souk pees on MY chair cushion on MY side of the table. Only mine. Never daddy’s cushion. I also rather quickly learned not to leave any of my garments draped over the arm of a chair, or on the bed, because they would be pissed on by morning. I also learned to close my closet doors firmly. Ditto.

Even the laundry basket is not safe. She can smell MY clothes in the basket, and even though she can also tell daddy’s clothes are in there, too, she will still piss on mine. *sigh* This little girl is going to have to become an outdoor kitty, because I am not giving up my husband.

Souk: Daddy's girl

Souk: Daddy’s girl


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