173: The Unforgiven

My cats ran out of food this week; and I am in the DOGhouse. It does not really matter that my car broke down and I could not drive to the store to purchase their kitty kibble, all they know is that mama ran OUT. Totally unforgiveable sin. Even though I broke open a can of tuna to tide them over, it was apparent from the reaction that my face-saving move was less than successful, and fooled no one. Four pairs of eyes looked up at me with four identical all-knowing expressions, letting me understand completely that treats are treats, and are all well and good, but that treats are NOT KITTY KIBBLE. I had failed, sinned, erred, and gone astray in the commission of my duties.

They were still willing to sit in my lap and receive cuddles, though, so there is hope for my redemption.


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