174: Silly Co-worker

Not that this situation is unique to ME, but I have a silly co-worker. This person is nit-picky, gets offended at the slightest imagined thing, and has an entirely overactive imagination of things to get insulted over into the bargain, searches and seeks and schemes over things to report about me, true or not, and with all of this, claims to be a professional. Honestly. I have WORK to do.

She delights in sending me accusatory e-mails listing (in minute detail), all of my faults, slights and injuries to her person – and boy, is she creative! She does not quite have the nerve to confront me face-to-face, which is actually fine by me, since apparently nothing I say or do is inoffensive. So, if I actually spoke with her, it surely would inspire a huge barrage of additional whiney, complaining e-mails, and as I already mentioned, I actually have WORK to do.

At least there are only three more months of her left for me to endure – I already know she will not be returning to this school next year, so if I can live through the next three months without telling her exactly what I think of her, things will be resolved. This is a real test of my fortitude, because I am not known for keeping my mouth shut. I generally say what I think – which might have had something to do with this entire problem in the first place.


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