179: Housekeeping: Peter Pan Style

There is something about the chemistry of little boys and clean laundry that just does not mix  –  far worse than oil and water.

It is amazing what ideas they will entertain to avoid putting their clean clothes away neatly in the drawers and closets that we foolish parents provide for this  purpose.

I think it would be easier to teach an elephant to sing. I know it would be easier to eat said elephant.

Our son, after exhausting the usual clean-laundry hiding places (under the bed, stuffed in the toybox, crammed on the top shelf of his closet) decided that hiding his clean laundry under his room-size carpet would be the ideal new hiding place.

It looked like the elephant had left land mines in  there. This is a big carpet – about 12 feet  by 16 feet. I’m not sure *I* would have had the strength to lift it up to hide the clothes under there. I have to wonder how much easier would it have been to just put the laundry away?

Obviously, I have forfeited my childhood identity card forever. Peter Pan would be so disappointed in me.


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