180: Fun-draising

I teach school. Schools NEVER, EVER have enough money. Kinda like me, personally.

Instead of whining about this and complaining, which might make us feel better but does nothing towards solving the problem, why not hold a massive, once-a-year fundraiser? To REALLY raise money, this fundraiser needs to take advantage of the public population, too, instead of focusing only on school families (again). I suggest a carnival!

Carnival rides!

Carnival rides!

I have seen, here in Morocco, a company that has portable carnival rides: a merry-go-round, a Ferris wheel, a small roller coaster, and other fun, teenaged style rides. If we could talk these guys into setting up shop nearby, we could set up shop near THEM, and attach our fundraising game booths onto the attraction of their rides. This double attraction of the rides from them, and the game booths for prizes from US would REALLY make a fundraiser.   And we would only have to do it for several days to a week, and we’d probably have all the funds we want….well, not really, but at least more than any other single fundraiser would produce.

The problem is, I do not want to be the poor sucker that coordinates all of this. And if I open my mouth and suggest it, chances are excellent that I will be doing it.


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