189: Falling out before a big vacation

I have a gift. It is not a present, it is an annoying tendency to do something that is problematic. I am gifted in doing it repeatedly, despite my best efforts in overcoming this habit, this tendency, this annoying gift. This gift is falling out with my significant other right before a major, hugemongous vacation (usually one in another freaking COUNTRY), after reservation accommodation bookings have been made and paid for, when rental car deposits have been made and paid, when ferry/airplane/train tickets are reserved and purchased. Sometimes I do it even when the dad-gum BAGS are packed and we are standing in the ding-dong driveway, loading up the car to go. For the LOVE of GOD. Seriously. I am an idjit.

This should be an eagerly anticipated treat, an event I have looked forward to for MONTHS since I booked it last summer. It is not like I don’t WANT to enjoy a week-long vacation in Portugal! On the beach! In a luxurious resort! And when I say falling out, I do not mean a little spat over who forgot to bring the charger for the camera batteries – oh, no. We don’t even bother to argue over that sort of inconsequential crap. No, I pick departure day for a big trip to have issues about even staying freaking MARRIED, for Cripe’s Sake. It’s embarrassing.

At least this time, I did it a week in advance. Maybe there is time to make up before we are due to depart. Sheesh. SUCH a drama queen.


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