195: The Do-Over

View from our room balcony

View from our room balcony

Some time back, I started painting our apartment. When the winter rains came, we had the gorgonzilla attack of the mildew growing all over all my fresh white paint. Yuck. Plus, it made me sick, respiratory-wise. Mildew is mold, and mold causes respiratory problems if you have allergies, which I do. So, I got sick. And grumpy.

Then we got our winter break from school: two weeks. Week one we spent in Portugal, and I recovered, while my husband caught something and HE got sick. We kept each other entertained with both of us coughing. When we returned, we both agreed to tackle the mildew in an all-out offensive. It was the Battle of the Black Slime. First, you fill a spray bottle with diluted chlorine bleach, and you spray the enemy. Chemical warfare, literally. When they are good and dead, you wash the casualties off the walls, let it dry, and then you paint immediately, before reinforcements have time to grow back.

You cannot paint with just ANY paint. Once you have had mildew, you must purchase mildew-resistant paint. In the U.S., the paint that covers mildew and really resists it re-growing is called Kilz, and it is white and enamel-based. It also covers smoke stains and water stains and adolescent black/purple room paint, and lots of other unsightly things, too. That’s in the U.S. In Morocco, they don’t have Kilz, they have something else that is unpronounceable (for an Anglo tongue) and it is water-based, and brick red in color, not white. I kinda like it.

I kill, and he paints, and then we switch: he kills, and I paint. So far, we have conquered (painted) the traditional bathroom (the one with the squat toilet, which is basically a hole in the floor), and most of the kitchen, and most of the traditional American bathroom (that has the more comfortable, sit-down throne, where one can contemplate the Universe at leisure). The do-over is well and truly underway, and I confidently predict a comprehensive victory over the enemy within mere days!


2 thoughts on “195: The Do-Over

  1. The view is incredible!

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