200: lost in translation: I HOPE!!

Some months ago, a Morroccan went straight on a curve, and hit my husband in our little plastic, cheapie Polo VW. it cost us 10K Moroccan dirham (1 US dollar = 8 1/2 dirham), which is about half of a month’s salary to have it fixed, uh, rather, re-BUILT, and several months for that to happen. While it was being repaired, I got to walk a lot and take the public taxis, which aggravated my sciatic nerve and caused several doctor visits for the pain. Good drugs, though.

The Moroccan lawyer we were told to hire counseled us (through a translator, since he himself speaks only French or Arabic) that it might take 3 or 4 YEARS for the court case to be settled, since the man who hit our car steadfastly claims that my husband was at fault in the accident, even though the Moroccan Gendarmerie Royal (royal police) officer who responded to the accident said that he could see that the accident was not my husband’s fault.

Well- it’s been several months, and they schedule a court appearance once a month or more since the accident. That means a LOT of court appearances, which my husband has mostly (except for once or twice) shown up for. The other driver? Nah. Anyhoo, we walked over to the lawyer’s office this past week to check (again) on the progress of the case, and to see if a judgment had been made (hoping to be able to be reimbursed the 10K dirham we put out on the car repairs).

The Lawyer was not in, but his office manager was. French or Arabic are the languages spoken most commonly in Morocco. The office manager has a little English, but I sincerely hope that I seriously misunderstood what he told us. What he said (I THINK) is that the judge, overruling the royal police officer’s report, said that my husband was to blame for the accident. This sentence carries a month in jail, 3 month’s driver’s license suspension (they STILL have not returned his license since the wreck, so it’s ALREADY been more than three months!) and a 4K dirham FINE. We both stood there like we’d been poleaxed, mouths agape. WTF?????

He also told us this was a preliminary judgment, and now the case goes to another court for review. I THINK that’s what he said. I HOPE that’s what he said.

Dear God, I hope I misunderstood the rest of it!!!!!!


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