203: Poor Humsa



Last night, our landlord’s son knocked on our apartment door. He was carrying number five – no, not the robot; Humsa, number five kitty person in Arabic, who is the friendliest one with all the neighbors. Humsa goes to the mosque when the prayers are called to get pets and scratchies from all the people who are coming to prayer at the mosque. He sits beside the door and accepts all petting graciously. Our neighbor told us that Humsa had just been hit by a car. I panicked.

At least he was still alive! We called the vet quickly, and placed Humsa on a big pillow for support and comfort. The vet said he’d come right away…we have nine cats, and we know this wonderful man quite well. While we waited anxiously, I saw Humsa move the tip of his tail – good – probably meant his back was not broken. I pinched in between his toes on the leg he seemed to favor and he whimpered/growled at me in response, so I knew he still had feeling in the leg – another good sign that his back was not broken.

When the vet arrived, he checked Humsa thoroughly and felt carefully the bones in his hip and leg on the side he would not put weight upon, while I held Humsa’s front paws so he would not scratch and his head so he would not bite, because it didn’t feel too good to have the sore place checked out. Humsa grumbled and growled because it hurt, but he was a VERY good boy. Our doctor told us that the bones were not broken, thankfully, and he could feel no internal injuries, either. Praise God!! He gave us a prescription for pain, and told us Humsa would not be a happy camper for a few days while his blunt force trauma healed. OK – I am just glad he was not killed!


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