215: Stinky cheese

Cats have an interesting habit: when they poop, they prefer to dig a hole first, poop in the hole, and then they neatly cover up the stinky stuff. It is a rather pleasant habit, unless they are digging the hole in one of your potted plants – then it’s a problem.

My husband and I went to Spain some time ago, and I bought a piece of goat cheese, which I put in the fridge when we got home, and promptly forgot. I found it last night, or rather I went looking for whatever it was in the fridge that was not smelling fresh and pleasant. It was the cheese. Goat cheese increases in strength and aroma over time. For real cheese lovers, this is a desirable thing. For me, it isn’t. Ever smelled a male goat? Up close and personal? I used to have goats – we raised, and milked, Toggenburg dairy goats. We loved them for their personalities, not the smell of the male buck, who liked to stick his nose into the pee stream of the lady goats: judging their readiness to mate (supposedly) and wearing the smell, like goat perfume, which I guess it was (to him). This cheese was REALLY aromatic. My nose voted no when it came to eating it, and my husband agreed. So we cut it into pieces for our cats, who generally get anything edible we don’t want, or are forced into sharing.

Timinia, our husky ten-month old male, came running eagerly into the kitchen for the treats, and encountered one of the cheese chunks on the floor. He sniffed it, backed off, stared at it a minute, and then carefully, and with great concentration, he began making the covering up motions he would normally be making after pooping. He covered, and covered, and covered, all around the chunk of cheese, occasionally stopping the determined covering-up to sniff and see if the stinky stuff was still there. Since he was trying to cover it up on the bare floor, it was, so he kept doing his very best to cover it up.

I laughed so hard I cried. I wish I had not laughed so much, maybe I could have gotten a picture. I guess Timinia’s nose voted no, too!


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