220: Con-cen-tra-tion

Anybody else have trouble concentrating on stuff you’d really rather not be doing in the first place? When it is something I want to do, there is no difficulty at all – I can “wake up” hours later, surprised at how much time has gone by. When it is not a favored project, I look up at the clock and am surprised that only thirty seconds has elapsed. Drat.

It obviously does not help that I am a diagnosed adult with ADD (attention deficit disorder). It is usually a great help as a school teacher, because it really, sincerely does not freak me out to be interrupted forty-eleventy-dozen times a day. I can get back on track pretty quickly when interrupted by a student question, an urgent e-mail, a new request from the school administration, ‘Johnny, stop poking Susan,’ and various other things.

The primary problem is my own work, lately. I am only all-too-willing to be interrupted. Usually, when I get ready to grade papers, I select a good table so I can spread out papers into organized piles; I get a drink so I don’t use being thirsty as an excuse to interrupt myself, and a snack for the same reason. Then I settle down and grade. My only interruption then is a kitty person who comes by and wants cuddles occasionally. Usually, that scenario is enough to make great progress in reducing my stack of grading – but not lately.

Lately, I spend time on WordPress. heeheehee


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