231: Second Interview

I am applying for jobs. I would prefer to relocate a little closer to the United States, just not IN the United States. I have discovered that I cannot afford to live there. But, I have also been living and working in Morocco for the last three years, and I have not had the money for the very expensive airfares to visit home during that time. For what it costs for ME to fly home for a visit, my husband AND I can spend a couple of weeks lounging on Spains’ Gold Coast along the Mediterranean. THAT, folks, is a no-brainer.

But, regardless of the perks of living in Morocco, It’s time to relocate. I can’t seem to stay well here. Of course, it does not help that the little international school where I am working is located in a ski resort town in Morocco, that has the coldest recorded temperature for the entire continent of Africa. I was raised in the deep South of Georgia – close to the state line of Florida. We don’t have a whole lot of cold there. Here, there is cold ‘bezeft’ (Arabic for too much, or too many). We have snow and ice into APRIL. I know, you hardy northerners are snickering right about now. There is a reason why Florida is known as ‘Heaven’s Waiting Room:’ all those notherners who come south there to retire are NOT, NOT, NOT able to handle the heat, and they die like flies. I was ‘bawn and bred’ in that heat, and I am spending way too much time here sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, I am applying to teach at another school with climate more ideally suited to the way I was raised.

I have made it to the second round of interviews with three schools in regions of the globe much more friendly to my idea of ideal climate: Mexico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean Sea. I have nothing bad to say about the climate in any one of those three places. Old home week, for me! Mexico is a little worrisome because of the drug cartel gang wars going on there, but most of that is nearer the border of the US, and the school I am talking to is five hours’ drive south of there, and just happens to also be on the Gulf coast. Oh, yeah. Besides,they provide foreign hire teachers housing in a guarded compound. The only thing is that they don’t pay as much as some of the other candidates do, but still, Mexico is a beautiful place with beautiful people, and money is certainly not what I went into teaching for.

Still- money IS nice to have,so my first pick would be Panama. After that, the Dominican. I have a few willies about the DR because they are right in Hurricane Alley, and they regularly get plowed. Still, Panama is first choice. I hope they liked my sports analogy during the interview. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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