232: Dry Well

sometimes the juices of creativity just….dry up. I am in a drought. A dust-bowl caliber drought. A Sahara desert kind of drought. Not only do I have no ideas, I have no ideas about having ideas. This is bad.

What do YOU do when you run headlong into that brick wall known as writer’s/artist’s/creative person’s BLOCK?

1. I surf the Web. Seeing what other people are doing is sometimes enough to crank-start myself, too.
2. I take a nap. Sometimes that little short rest-mental downtime is enough to get all juicy again.
3. I go shopping. It never helps creatively, but retail therapy makes me FEEL better, anyway.
4. I eat something naughty that I would never ordinarily allow myself to have. See number 3 above.
5. I corner my husband for some private time. Might explain why all my wire sculptures lately have been little nude ladies. just a thought.
6. I go for a walk and pick up junk. Often these found objects spark a creative thought the instant I spot them, even before I have a chance to pick them up.
7. I read a book from my “must-read” stack. Even if I don’t get any ideas, at least my stack is one down.
8. I open the cookbook and cook whatever comes up – or, at least on the closest page that I actually have the ingredients for. Wild duck I am not going shopping for. At least it’s productive.
9. I take a hot shower or bath. That total relaxation from hot, steamy water is a great way to start thinking about better things.
10. I grade papers. PAPERS??? Now I KNOW I am in a creative drought, if I have actually resorted to getting WORK done. Sheesh.


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