234: I GOT THE JOB!!!

Actually, I applied for a number of jobs, and sent query letters for a good many more, letting them know I was interested in the position they had available. Writing a query letter is a very tough proposition, because you want yours to stand out from the (sometimes) hundreds of other letters, without making you look like a kook – remember the application to Harvard Law School that was sent in on the movie with Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde)?

One thing that is a bad thing to do is to make up a letter that you then send out like a mass mailing. Most of those get caught up in the spam filters, and never even get seen – NOT what you wanted at all. And then there are the countless employers who don’t even bother to acknowledge that your letter or application has been received – thanks a lot, guys…..should I just keep sending them until you do respond, or should I forget working for you, since you cannot be bothered to be organized enough to even acknowledge someone’s correspondence who wants to work for you?

It is necessary to tailor each letter for THAT employer and THAT job, highlighting the skills and qualifications you have that will interest them in particular. Plus, you have to check the letter over and over for typos. How professional does a typo make YOU look?

Some employers want you to fill out THEIR application forms. Have you filled out an application form for a job lately? Each one takes a minimum of an hour and a half. Then you get to proofread it for errors, too. I do understand them, though: if an applicant is unwilling to fill out their form, why do they want to hire them if they don’t care enough about the job to even do that much?

Anyway, after lots of job applications and query letters, I have the offer I wanted most, in the country I wanted, too. Now I just have to sell all this stuff – anybody need to outfit an apartment in Morocco?


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