235: Preparing to move country

Getting a new job when you are an international teacher is a whole ‘nother proposition than changing jobs used to be in my old life. Before, all I had to do was stop driving to one school and start driving to another one. When you live near a state’s capital city, there are lots of schools within commuting distance, so I really did not re-locate my home, even though I did relocate the job.

Now, however, it’s an exciting new adventure in a totally new country half-way across the globe. This was why I wanted to become an international teacher in the first place. I just had to wait until my children were old enough to be on their own – one safely in college and one just starting college. Their lives were mapped out for them for several years, freeing me up to teach somewhere exotic, like…Morocco. Now, I have accepted a position in Panama. Goodbye French and Arabic, hello Spanish. Still, a few logistical problems remain.

While we were here, I adopted cats, since Morocco has a lot of stray cats. We now have seven, and I cannot ship internationally seven cats. Well, I CAN, but I cannot afford to do so. I can take at most three of them, which is a problem: I need to find homes for four sweet and loving cats. And let’s not start about which three to take and which four to leave behind! *sniff*

Then comes the apartment full of stuff we have acquired, since we moved out of University-sponsored housing into the real Moroccan community. We have a furnished apartment now. That we now need to liquidate. We will try offering the entire apartment, furnished, for the cost of the furnishings, that someone can then sub-let. If we get no takers, we will sell it off piece-by-piece. All we will ship is the personal stuff. Since airlines are getting pickier and pickier about passenger luggage, that means we take with us only about 50 pounds of luggage. The rest we ship. I already contacted the international freight shippers, who are busy as I type this working up quotes on how much I can pack into as small a space as possible. At least when you ship ocean freight, it does not matter how much it weighs, just how big a container it is. It might take a month or two (or three) for the stuff to arrive, but it is the least expensive way I know of to get the stuff moved from here to there.

Did you know that you can also cruise on a freight vessel? It is not too cheap, but you will spend quite some time at sea, which is cool if you are not prone to seasickness. If you are, don’t choose that option! Otherwise, I guess we fly. So much to decide, and so much to do!!!


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