237: Using up the Points

I like to think of all of us humans down here on Earth as earning heavenly “points” during our lives. When we do good things, we get points. When we do bad things, we lose points. I know (or I think and believe that I know) that is not how it really works, but it helps my tiny little brain to think of life on a rewards and punishments basis, because so much of our earthly lives actually does work out that way.

For instance, timeshares sometimes operate on points. The better quality timeshares ($$$) are worth more “points” than the lesser quality ($) ones. Thank goodness life is not rated on how much it costs. I would not make it out of Heaven’s BASEMENT, if that were the criterion. At any rate, for timeshares at least, the more valuable the week is, the more points it is worth. So, if you buy an expensive week, you can use the points it is worth to vacation for several weeks at resorts that are still nice, but considered “less valuable.” Since I book a hotel for a place to sleep while I explore the surrounding countryside, I am much less concerned that the place where I stay has every amenity known to man: particularly a golf course. I know that is very important to some people, but golf? Seriously? There are even special carriers to ship your golf clubs by air, so that your very own personal set of clubs is waiting on you when you arrive at the resort. I don’t even want to know how much it costs to ship a set of golf clubs by air, if they want to charge me 100 extra dollars for a second set of clothing. I guess if you have to ask how much it would cost, you can’t afford it anyway, right?

Well, I have about 70 thousand timeshare points that will expire in a few months if I don’t use them. These points are already paid for, so letting them just expire would really, really not be cost efficient. Since I just accepted a job in another country, I looked at some of the timeshare resorts nearby where I might be able to book a vacation in order to use up these last remaining points. Over the traditional break in December that most schools schedule, I can book two weeks back-to-back in Costa Rica, the eco-tourist’s wonderland. Now, THAT is the right way to use up your points.


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