242: Appearances

My closet

My closet

I have been thinking about appearances. Appearances, if I can comprehensively define this term, means the mask or wall that is erected to make others think you are what you want them to think you are. Think about that for a minute….it even SOUNDS stupid. I know we are social creatures, and care a very great deal about what others in our social strata think about who we are and what we do, but seriously?

Just THINK of all the money we could save if we were not so preoccupied with keeping up with the neighbors and the various advertising campaigns that we see on the TV and hear on the radio, that are cleverly designed to create needs out of wants. People NEED relatively few things, but our wants are immeasurable and uncountable, and they never, ever, end. As long as we draw breath, there are wants. For example, I like shiny things, and I never get enough of them – most girls are just like me. My sweet husband has cottoned on to this fact, and occasionally and for no particular reason, he will bring me a shiny thing: not an expensive one, because we don’t have the income for that, but a nice one, nonetheless, because I am not concerned about cost, and it really, really, really IS the thought that counts (with shiny things, especially). Besides, if the shiny things are not expensive, it is not such a disaster when things happen to my shiny things. I really hate it when other people take my shiny things because they think I have too many shiny things, and that I surely won’t miss just this one little thing they have decided they can take from me….WRONG. I have my shiny things because I like them, and they might not cost much money, but I got them because I like them. Go get your own shiny things , and pay for your own. THEN they are yours. If you take one from someone else, it is NEVER yours. Ever.

I like to dress in matching colors, unless I am in a REALLY bad mood – then I dress in black. That’s usually when I get the most compliments, too, darn it. I prefer wild colors – not all at once – but still. If there is a screaming acid green garment at the bottom of the rummage sale pile, THAT is the one I am reaching for. I have, maybe, ONE white shirt. I know that people cringe at my clothing choices, but console yourself with this: the worse it is for you, the better it is for me. If I am in wild colors, it is a good day. Is that too much to ask? Besides, I am providing to you (free of charge, I might add) entertainment for the day. Enjoy. Gratis.


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