243: Downtime

Drat, darn, poopy-do, shoot, shirts and shoes, firetruck, mother-father.

The neurosurgeon I saw in Fez who told me I have a mildly herniated disc in my back has assigned me another week off of work, medicating and resting to let it heal. You would think this would be cause for celebration, two weeks off from work in a row, but….no. I thought this would be a dream come true – no work for two weeks! Ha. Just like most of my OTHER fantasies (at least the ones I have actually had the chance to try out in real life, that is), this one sucks big time in the reality, too.

I tried to meekly ask if I could go into work if I promised on my word of honor (yeah, right) that I would only SIT and not walk around or lift things. He stared at me for a minute, wheels turning (letting me know exactly how much he thought that promise was worth), and asked me if I wanted surgery on my back. Shut me up pretty thoroughly. So, here I sit.  Medicated fore and aft. Literally. I did not know some anti-inflammatory medications came in suppositories – and I had just as soon have continued for quite some time, not knowing this interesting fact. Well. Live and learn.

Plus, my usually cheerful, accommodating, laid-back, easy-going husband has a sinus infection/earache he contracted over this past weekend. Like I said, usually his disposition is sunny and mild. When he is sick, however (thank GOD not often) or when he takes the prescription pain-killer Lortabs (for some reason), he morphs into Attila the Hun. Truly. Nothing anyone says in inoffensive, and he can let nothing slide by without some sarcastic, ugly remark. It helps a little bit knowing he is sick and temporarily not himself – a little. I dosed him with the cat’s Amoxil, gave him anti-mucus and anti-histamine meds, and sent him to bed, before I killed him. Before you freak that I gave my husband animal medicine, here in Morocco, the Amoxil they prescribe for the cat to take after her hernia repair abdominal surgery is the same stuff they give to humans – I will have to get her another bottle to finish out her eight day’s worth to be sure her incision does not get infected, but at least I had some in the house when husband finally confessed the sinus infection/earache. I’ll have to get him another bottle, too, but at least he is dosed for today, and the pharmacy is open this afternoon.

So, three of us (at last count) are sick and getting better (I hope). I thought that being at home would be such a treat. the hours are all double-length. My grades are all caught up, my week’s worth of lesson plans are all turned in (complete with student handouts and all handouts are also posted to the class Web site) and I have already made jewelry from the beading supplies. I guess I could try some sewing. I got some nice fabric in Malaysia that will make a couple of killer dresses…..and one of my students found a Web site that lets me watch free movies online (Warm Bodies, Bladerunner, Barbarella for starters) so it is not as bad as it could be. I read a few books besides the ones I needed to read for school, and that was actually pretty nice.

I guess I will survive. Be careful what you fantasize for – you might get it.


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