245: Dreaming

Many people think that dreams are portents of things to come, or explanations of things that are, or even releases of things that are worrying you. I dang sure hope not.  My dreams have not been very reassuring.

I have one, repeatedly, where I am fleeing through a castle-mansion sort of structure, and someone/something nasty is after me – that one comes in cycles. Then there is the one where I am sorting through various useless stuff, and finding coins, or jewelry, or gems. That one I would not mind being a portent of things to come, actually. Then there is the one where I pick up spilled sewing pins, or spilled seed beads all night long, or the one where I sort out a huge pile of mixed nuts, bolts, screws and nails.  What kind of dream is THAT?  An attempt to restore order to the universe??

When I was waitressing during my college years, there were the nights when I worked at my waitressing job all night in my dreams. NOT fun. Now that I am a teacher, occasionally (not often, thank GOD), I teach school all night. That’s mostly the sort of dreams I have.

Only once in a very great while do I have one of the triple x-rated ones. THOSE I would not mind having a lot more often – seriously. If I could figure out what triggers that kind of dream, I’d repeat it. So far, though, I can’t tell what causes those – maybe something I ate? Wish I knew.

My husband has really screwy, surreal dreams, and often, people he knows or knew figure in them. That seldom happens to me – usually, I am all alone in my dreams (unless something is chasing me). When my first husband passed away, I dreamed that he really didn’t die, he just ran away from our marriage for about seven or eight years, and then reappeared after I had married someone else. That one sucked big time. I had it again when I finally DID remarry. Creepy.

I think you should be able to select a dream topic, like choosing a movie. This crap shoot every night is for the birds.


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