247: Cave, Sweet Cave

I have this really strange fantasy – I want to live in a cave, like Fred Flintstone. Except I want the house to be like Dick Clark’s Fred Flintstone house,  in a real cave I found in Morocco, when I retire. Really. No kidding. Before you think I am TOO nuts, take a look at the house: http://www.ibtimes.com/dick-clark-malibu-flintstone-home-sale-photos-709721

See what I mean? Except the place that I found in Morocco actually IS a cave – or rather, a series of caves – that would make a super-fantastic house, if I can figure out minor things like electricity and a well for water, and a septic tank.

My future cave home

My future cave home

I want a corridor that is a greenhouse that connects the two main cave parts: one side (cave) we will live in ourselves, and the other side (cave number 2) will be my art studio and shop. OK, it’s a fantasy for retirement. But it is an achievable fantasy.



What makes the difference between a pipe dream and a goal? Only the dreamer’s determination to see it through! If you are going to dream- dream BIG!

Ocean view!

Ocean view!

The place is just across the road from the ocean (Atlantic), so it even has a delightful ocean view! And both caves, while not connected underground, have lovely big “rooms” inside, and already nearly level floors. I can SOOOOO see the possibilities!!

roomy rooms

roomy rooms


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