249: SOME days……….

Some days it is truly not worth chewing through the straps to get out of bed. That is not my own saying, but it is certainly true. Most days are OK, pretty good in fact. A few days are simply incredibly amazing, partly due their very rarity. Some days are not-so-good, and some days just suck. BIG time. I WISH those days were a darn sight more rare than they are.

Today the administrator at my school came to me with an e-mailed complaint from a teacher at another school who accused me of unethically selling answers to student assignments online. For “proof” she cited a response (not an answer) I provided to another student, not the one she is teaching, TWO YEARS ago. What does it say about a college, university or teacher, for that matter, who has exactly the same questions for students on a course they are teaching now as they had TWO YEARS ago?

Plus, I am an online tutor for students. I work with a company based in Canada called www.brainmass.com. They are NOT a student cheating site, even though some students may be trying to use it as such. There are multiple places within the site where the wise administrators of Brainmass double-check with their tutors to be sure that students are not easily plagiarizing help they receive from tutors, and/or that tutors are not answering the assignment FOR the students, but instead are guiding and teaching them how to get the work done themselves, with tips, hints, suggestions, instructions and examples to model a final response upon.

So, I explained to my administrator how Brainmass works, and logged onto the site to show the administrator exactly how this student tutoring system works. I showed him the multiple places where Brainmass cautions tutors about delivering ready-made answers, and builds in suggestions to tutors about how to do this. Their training program for new tutors is very good. They are not in the business of cheating….but many students are.  I accessed the solution I had provided two years ago, and showed him how the comments I had posted for the original student did not answer all the points of the assignment, but that they did help guide the student into which direction to go. This professor’s current student apparently copied and pasted my comments word-for-word, and turned them in as their own work. Angry about that – why? *She* did not plagiarize – she looked up my profile on the site and sent her angry e-mail to the University I work for – about me.

Excuse me. If a student plagiarized, you address the student. AND you tweak your course so this semester’s students cannot buy the course’s answers from a last semester student and just turn it all in the first day of class. DUH.


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