255: Getting It Right

How do you know what to do? How do you objectively weigh all the alternatives, advantages and disadvantages, and decide on a course of action? When do you get to the point of giving somebody “one more chance” too many? How do you know when that point has arrived – or if you are doing the right thing in deciding “not this time, buddy!”? HOW?

Some people pray, trusting that a higher being who has their best interests at heart will be in an ideal position to dispense the best advice. He (for lack of a gender-neutral pronoun) can see things into the future (and into the heart of the problem) that I don’t have access to, so He is going to have better ideas about how to solve any situation than I would be able to come up with on my own. The problem with prayer for me is that I earnestly pray, but seldom do I get actual revelations from God. You know, the “burning bush” sorts of answers that I can categorically state with certainly came from HIM.

What I tend to get when I pray is the calm certainty that He is going to guide me in the direction He wants me to go, by making that choice “look better” to me than the other choices. Still, the “voice from Heaven” thing would be far more reassuring that I am making the right choice, even if it scares me senseless at the time.

What I have learned after 50+ years of anecdotal experience, though, is that my choices tend to work out a WHOLE lot better when I have prayed about it, as opposed to those times when I have not. So, I pray. And I trust, even if that is a tough thing to do.


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