257: True Confessions….sort of

If you have had an affair with a married person, what could possibly motivate you to contact the other, innocent spouse and tell them about your clandestine association with their married partner? Can anyone say SOUR GRAPES?

I guess there might be a human or two on the face of this Earth that might honestly, truthfully and sincerely have the other person’s spouse’s best interests at heart, but I doubt there are more than a handful. Everybody else that does it is seeking to cause problems with their old lover’s “real” relationship. It is possible that the spouse did not know, but it is also entirely possible that the affair ended in the first place because that spouse you are laboring so hard to inform about the relationship is the reason why your illicit affair ended, leaving you wanting.

Besides, if you cared enough about that married person to go to bed with them, why are you now trying to cause them trouble? How can your ‘true confession’ have any other result for them? What does that say about YOU, that you indulged in an affair with a person you knew was married, and after it was over, you notified the innocent spouse?

Anyway, if this alleged affair did take place, why did you not take the opportunity to bow out gracefully, or is the whole thing just a fabrication of your own mind because the person you are trying so desperately to tell on declined your invitation to have an affair in the first place?


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