261: To All Parents From a Teacher (and a parent, too!)

I am a teacher. For over twenty years, I have been performing this job. It is a calling, yes, but it is also a job. I have learned that usually, not always, mind you, but usually it happens that when I am having trouble with a youngster in class and schedule a conference with their parents, that about 10 to 15 minutes into that meeting, I have to restrain myself from saying, “Excuse me, but this conference is now over. Now that I have met you, I understand exactly why I am having so much trouble with your child.”

Notice I said restrain myself, because that phrase is not one that is particularly recommended, although it is often true. It only makes sense, and it is not meant to be hateful or sarcastic, but instead to be a genuine reflection of the truth.

My child is of my genetic make up. My child is raised in my home, with the other half of his/her genetic make up (at least in my family). There are issues that I, as an adult, still struggle with for myself. There are issues that my spouse, this child’s other parent, still struggles with as an adult – most other adults I know have the same report to make about themselves, as I know very, very few perfect people. SO – here is the clincher: How am I supposed to mold and teach my child to overcome the issues that I, myself as an adult, am still struggling over?????? If I am still trying to overcome this issue myself, how is it that I am supposed to help guide my child to overcome it, too??? This is only logical!!

This is why parents and teachers are a TEAM to help educate and socialize a child. I hope that my child’s teachers might HAVE conquered the issues I struggle with, and can act as a role model for my children in the areas I am weak on. Perhaps they can learn from the teacher what I am not good at teaching them myself – at least I hope so!


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