262: Jokes

Jokes have fallen into bad repute lately. It seems that everyone is offended by any sort of joke there is, unless you count the really, really lame ones we used to tell in second grade, and even then……

I like to laugh. I had rather start any day with a laugh, particularly a Monday, but even on a Friday, things just seem to go better for me if I have had a laugh or two before I have to settle in for the work of the day. That’s why I always check my e-mail first. I understand that SOMEBODY has to be the butt of a joke. Sometimes it’s me,  and sometimes it’s you. It’s like that old adage that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue – it also works that way with a joke.

Lots of jokes are stereotypical. Stereotypes got established because there was some truth there. Whether that fact is difficult to hear or not is your problem. I can accept and live with that, even when the stereotype applies to me. As an American, Republican, conservative, Southern, Christian woman living in an Islamic country overseas, I get slammed with a lot of them. I understand where they are coming from, and I am not offended, unless it was the person’s INTENT to offend me, then they are just stupid, sad and pitiful, and I usually chuckle ruefully at the silly person they are, and let it go. Life is too short, ya know?

None-the-less, I like jokes. I like to hear them, read them and tell them. Besides, I’d rather laugh off insults and start my day right with a good joke.  So THERE.


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