265: Shuffling off to ….Panama

Well. We have packed two of the crates we plan to ship so far. The house is really beginning to empty out: the paintings are packed so the walls are bare, the rugs are packed to cushion fragile things (so the floors are bare), the closet is gradually emptying out, and we still have two crates we can pack. I need to arrange to hire the truck to cart them to Casablanca. We need to uninstall the air conditioner and pack it, and the other kitchen things we plan to take.  WHEW!!

The paperwork is well under way. We went to Casablanca to get ONE $50.00 paper from the Embassy  (OUCH!!!!) and today I got another stack I had to have, and got them certified. It only costs about 25 cents to do that, but it is the wait in line that is the killer.

I also stopped by the university clinic and got a prescription for my husband, who sleeps five hours maximum if he does not have a pill. He’s been out of pills for about a week, and he has been driving me nucking futz. He wakes up at 4 or 5 a.m. – and wants to CHAT – lemme kill him.  I have to go to work today, dude. 

So, *I* got *HIS* prescription. Can we say ENABLING???? Men can be such babies sometimes. So can I, for that matter, just not lately (for me). Just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!

We also have homes for three of the four cats we are not planning to ship via air to Panama. One to go. We will deliver some furniture and the cats tomorrow, on Saturday, since the family lives some hours away from us. It’s worth it to know those sweet kitties will be cared for, and won’t be out on the street, scrounging to survive like so many other Moroccan kitties do. Now I get to telephone American Airlines about air freighting three cats from Casablanca to Panama City, Panama. Can’t wait to see how much that will cost.


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