266: Crying Shame

I don’t cry much, even when there is actually something to cry about. I am a fan of the “stiff upper lip” sort of theory about handling problems. I am a fan, I can’t actually DO it. Usually, the madder I get about something, the more likely I am to cry and that REALLY, SERIOUSLY pisses me off even more.

When I am so furious I can chew nails, I cry. I HATE that. It makes me look all feminine and fragile, when what I’d really prefer to do is cut somebody’s ba….gonads off instead, since usually when I get THAT mad, there is a man involved. I wish I could go all British and do the offended, wounded dignity thing, but, no, I have to cry about it.

If you ever see me and I am crying, it is probably best to give me a VERY wide berth. Especially if you are male (or want to remain male).


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