268: Random Thoughts, no hallucinogens involved

What would it be like to taste things with your feet, like flies do? Would we still wear shoes, or not?

How would wings actually attach to your shoulders if you could fly like a bird?

How have we evolved and advanced since every human born starts from scratch all over again? I teach, and the process of dealing with adolescents really makes you think about the fact that we just don’t live long enough to re-make ALL the mistakes all over again.

I could get sooooo much done if only I did not have to sleep. Or eat.

Why is love so HARD?? Is it supposed to be this way? Or have we just messed it up? (We are pretty good at that, you know – look at the world!)

Why are animals so much more rewarding than most people? Is it so we will adopt them? Or is it that they are smarter than us? (I have often thought enviously of my cat’s life…….)

How much is TOO much, and how do you know it is too much?

Why are we all cute when we are babies – is that so we adults let them live??

Why do some animals eat their young – is that just disgusting, or actually pretty smart?

What sort of dictator would I be?

Would I choose to do the right thing even if it would cost my life, or would I choose to live instead?

Since nobody starts out with the goal to be a drug addict, why do we have so many of them?

Is God like a kid with a magnifying glass sitting beside an ant hill, or what? He has sure been a lot kinder to this ant than this ant deserved…..


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