271: O——-M——-G

I am leaving Morocco, because I have a new job in Panama. One catch. In order to actually leave, and take my personal belongings with me that I shipped into this country, I have to obtain some papers, according to the employee handbook provided by the University I work for. The first one was a paper from my US Embassy in Casablanca, a five and a half hour drive away. We went on a Saturday to get it, so I would not miss work.

Oh, f*&( NO. The Embassy is open Mondays through Fridays, and not on holidays, either – and you must register online for an appointment first. We had lunch and drove home. The next opportunity was two weeks later, during a vacation, and I used a vacation day to go and purchase this FIFTY DOLLAR PIECE OF PAPER.

First objective achieved.

Next, I have to go to the Azrou Tax Office to get another piece of paper with that expensive US paper. Oh, f*(&%^ NO. The guy in Azrou sends us to Ifrane’s tax office to get the piece of paper. Oh, F#$@ NO – she sends us back to Azrou, who sends us back to Ifrane, who sends us back to Azrou. I sh*& you NOT. I lost it. I said things my mama would have slapped me for. Repeatedly.

Next, if I can appeal to the freaking KING OF THE COUNTRY to get this piece of paper from them, I have to take this piece of paper to the Ifrane Police to get another form, which I have to get three copies of and have authenticated (assuming they will actually give it up). This is freaking nuts, and it is totally typical of Moroccan bureaucracy. Did I mention it took SIX MONTHS to get our little plastic car registered??

Tomorrow I am taking a day off work to try and get this done.


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