274: Adoption of My Babies

We have adopted out four of our fur children. That’s four of the seven we have…uh, rather – had. It’s hard doing that, adopting out your children, you know?

Timinia and Honey Bunny went to a mom-daughter team living in the town of Beni Millal (pronounced Ben-eh-meh-la), and we left them happily exploring their new surroundings fairly quickly. Sport Model went to a family with two children in the town of Immouzer, and he had everyone charmed in short order – sweet boy that he is. Sugar Daddy went to the village of Ain Leuh, and he has a house with a lovely garden to roam in, which should please him mightily.

Still, you wonder. Will they love the kitties as much as I did? Will they get treats just because they are sweet? Will they come to their new mom and dad and request petting like they did when they were at home with us? Will they be happy kitties, not having to scrounge for a living like many Moroccan kitties have to do?  *sigh*

I would like to have had unlimited funds so that I could have paid the fees to fly them to Panama with us, but I’m actually doing pretty good to be able to afford the air fares for us humans, and three cats, much less SEVEN cats and us humans. I don’t have that much money. So, we take three with us, stretching the budget to the max, and four lovely kitties have new homes in Morocco.


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