275: Too much

The little international school where I work in Morocco is going through a tough patch. The person who has been running the school virtually single-handedly for the last year was not hired for that position. This poor lady, a very well-meaning, hard-working, sympathetic and sensible person, got saddled with the job (not the PAY, of course) of running the entire school, after she was hired as a part-time administrative assistant. Thank God for teachers and students she did not run screaming into the night, as she probably should have done. We have managed to get through this year due entirely to her efforts and good sense, with minimal casualties.

It has not been easy. The little school has lots of potential, and unfortunately, that is likely to be the way it will continue for years to come – lots of potential that is not being lived up to. IT is a shame, because things could be a great deal better with some competent leadership – and no, I am not talking about me. My advanced degrees in Education are all for curriculum nd subject matter, because I don’t want anything to do with leadership, thank you very much. I can cut a child some slack, because they ARE a child and I can say to myself, they just have not learned about that (insert here whatever it is) yet. But when you are dealing with a troublesome adult, you cannot offer them the excuse that they are not old enough to know better. Some adults are astoundingly childish. And if you are a school administrator, you don’t keep your job by being frank and honest with the parents of the children in the school. You must placate them, and deal with all their issues as if they actually had merit, even if they don’t. I don’t play that game well.  That is why I am a teacher, not an administrator.

The difficulties we’ve had this year have really been too much. The director of the school passed away from cancer this spring, and the replacement for her is not working out well, at all – he is even worse at communicating with people than I am, but did not have the sense to stay out of administration like I did. Oh, well – only six weeks to go!!


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