277: Trying to get things done

This is the curse of adulthood. When you are a kid, it’s no big deal if you don’t get something done today – tomorrow is usually good enough. But as you age, the importance of NOW becomes urgent, especially since you have to coordinate with other people, other events and other things going on.

Since I am in a foreign country, I have been trying mightily to make the arrangements necessary to move country from Morocco to Panama this summer, in July. To do this, I have to contact several businesses. I need a freight shipper, various airlines and rental car companies, a pet shipper, and various Embassies for paperwork. Now, businesses are in the business of making money, so you would THINK they would be very careful to be easily reachable to people who want to purchase their services, right? Yeah, right.

I am going freaking crazy trying to obtain contact information from these companies via the Web, so I can call them by telephone, or so I can e-mail them with my questions about booking and services they offer. What I have concluded is that they do not want or need my business.  If they cannot even be bothered to update their Websites with correct phone numbers and e-mail addresses so that people with money to spend can contact them, then they don’t want my business.

So. Lufthansa, bite me. You, too, Delta and your worthless Pet First pet shipping service. I found somebody who actually ANSWERS THE PHONE and somebody who actually RESPONDS to E-MAIL. They will get my money, not you.


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