279: The Creative Drive

Nearly everyone has a creative drive. Some express it in cooking, and I really like those people, especially if I don’t have to wash up afterwards. But even if I do have to do the dishes, I still appreciate the creative drive that produces delicious edible goodies for people to feast upon. I despise those cooking shows where cooking is a competition, but I love to eat what someone else has produced. Every now and then, I suffer from a cooking urge myself….with variable results, usually edible at least.

Some people express their creative drive in producing more human beings. The news occasionally spotlights families with eight, ten, twelve and more children, giving me full-body-shudders……but good for them! Most of these families have opened their hearts and homes to not only their own offspring, but the children they adopt who also can use a set of devoted parents, too – and who on Earth can argue with that? Sometimes I wish God had matured me to the point that I c/would be competent raising more children….nah, never mind.

Some people express their creativity upon their own bodies. I have seen pictures of people tattooed, pierced, tanned, carved (! yes, CARVED), muscled up from devoted bodybuilding or some other intense sport, and otherwise surgically enhanced (or reduced) to more closely approximate their own idea of physical beauty. Hey. It is your own body, and you live in it. Even if you send small children running screaming to their mothers, that is YOUR choice.

Some people express their creative drive in the performing arts. I also despise Idol-type competitions, and those silly You Can Dance things, but I adore the opportunity to purchase a ticket and watch a play or concert, or the ballet, or (fill in the blank here). Some of my most memorable evenings have involved a performance of some sort, and I feel as if it were my duty to help support performing arts, because those people are both brave and dedicated for all their hard work in training and practice. I help with sets, makeup, acting and various other things (sewing machine = costumes) with our school productions, too.

Some people unleash their creative drive upon their living space. Sometimes that is an inside thing, with interior decorating, and sometimes it is an outside thing with landscaping and gardening, and some people even manage to accomplish both. I adore having a bit of ground to get my hands into the dirt with the intent to grow things. I tend to focus on edibles rather than visuals, but hey! Even strawberries make good ground cover plants, with pretty blooms, and delicious fruit, too.

Some people invest their creativity in their job, business or inventions. I get to do some of that because I am a teacher, and what I teach allows me to be quite creative: English lets me write stories and poetry, Computer Technology lets me design computer-based artworks and Web sites (and blogs…) and teaching Art is a feast of creativity in two and three-dimensional work that makes me wish I was not teaching the other subjects during the day……..

I am SURE I have not covered them all: what’s YOUR creative drive expressed in doing??


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