282: WalMart

Ah, the pleasures of being back in the United States after three years living abroad. The one thing I am really looking forward to (outside of seeing my family, of course) is going to WalMart.

I plan to go in the wee hours of the morning, so I can reap the FULL EXPERIENCE. You know, the legendary WalMart shoppers who make all the forwarded e-mails. The ones dressed in unbelievable costumes that purport to be everyday wear. People in WalMart in the wee hours are really freaky. I should fit right in.

Plus, WalMart is really fun to shop in, especially when you have been somewhere that did not have any WalMarts. For YEARS, no WalMart. I have been deprived. I plan to stock up. Panama, where my new job is located, is scheduled to get a WalMart within the next two years, but with “normal” construction delays, it might be years longer than that before it is open and ready for shoppers. I can’t wait that long, people. I need a FIX, badly!


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