287: Connected – rather not, thank you.

I despise Cell Phones. I lived many happy decades without one of these things. Now, if I forget it, it is cause to turn around, go home and find it. What happened?  My life did not really get more complicated, and there are, truthfully very few opportunities to used this thing that could not have been safely postponed. It is handy in emergencies, true. How many of those do you have in your life? If it’s more than one every few months, you need to get a grip.

I do not like being accessible. I prefer NOT being accessible, if the truth be known. Who wants work to be able to call anytime, any where? Not me, that’s for sure. Besides, it is not as if the darn things were reliable, either – there have been many times when a call did not go through, either incoming or outgoing, and caused problems.

I cannot count the number of times my husband has called and then gotten freaking ideas because I did not get the call – or plain just did not answer. I am a teacher. I cannot answer the phone during class. Well, I CAN – but in a school where students are not allowed to have their phones, it is pretty low-class for me to answer mine just because I am an adult, so I don’t. If I remember, I phone back after class – IF I remember.

And texts are worse than the phone calls. WHAT language is that?? It darn sure is not English.

I think sometime in the near future I am going phoneless. As soon as I can get my courage up.


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