295: Consequences of Good Intentions

You know that old axiom about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? That is what has happened to the US, Great Britain, Holland and a few other countries I can’t name right now.  We noble-ed ourselves into ruin.

Unfortunately, human nature is not particularly noble. A lot of bleeding hearts want to think that humans ARE inherently noble, but history and practical experience proves them wrong every time. OK, NEARLY every time. You cannot give something to someone that they need to get for themselves without harming them. No, I am not talking about Christmas and birthday presents, I am talking about daily necessities. People must work for their daily necessities, and FAR more people can work than government programs think can work. Giving someone something they should be earning for themselves is what creates an entitlement mind: I am entitled to my food, my housing, my healthcare, and my entertainment (phone included), and my fill-in-the-blank-here. NO, YOU ARE NOT. Just because you are breathing does not entitle you to anything other than air.

You must exchange labor of some sort for your necessities. You can grow your own food, and produce enough beyond what you require to trade or sell extras to others, so you can purchase other things you need besides food. The world, the government, the rich, the Christians, your family, WHO THE HECK EVER, does NOT owe you a thing just because you were born. Giving you something cripples you, and people in America a generation or so ago understood that truth. People used to be ashamed to need public assistance, and they worked awfully hard to support themselves and get off the dole as quickly as they could. Not any more. Shame is a forgotten emotion, unknown to countless thousands receiving handouts they could legitimately work for themselves instead.

You think people are whining now? Wait until it is no longer possible for the government to meet the payroll for being lazy. You will hear a whine loud enough to overturn the government, and it could happen, too, don’t you think it can’t. People have been standing in line with their hand out for so long now, they actually believe they DESERVE it.


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