296: Wrapping Up

I am wrapping up. I am wrapping up a school year, tying the bow on top of all the accomplishments we have achieved. I am also wrapping up a three-year stay in Morocco, on my way to a new job in Panama. I am wrapping up an apartment full of furnishings; most things are sold with only a few necessary items left to tide us over until our flights. I am wrapping up my packing, too – I will re-pack my suitcase yet AGAIN, looking for one more nook where I can stuff just one more item and still stay below 50 pounds. I already wrapped up packing the four crates we will ship by ocean freighter – they just need to be delivered to Casablanca. I won’t see them again after that for about three months.

I have enjoyed living in Morocco. That does not mean Morocco is any more perfect a place than a lot of other cool places on this planet, but it is a lot more perfect that some places I could name. Morocco has gorgeous scenery, generally VERY nice people, a tolerant attitude towards others, crazy taxi drivers, even crazier regular drivers, and awful, USA-IRS style bureaucracy. But you can live in Morocco on a small USA pension and live quite well. I am seriously considering returning here to retire in a few years when I no longer HAVE to work, and whether or not to work becomes a choice, for that very reason. Morocco can provide a very good life for  not a lot of floose (money in Arabic).

Panama, the new country where I am flying off to work for the next two years, has real possibilities. We will also, like here in Morocco, be looking for a retirement spot. If we find one in Panama, we will do our best to determine which country is a better place for us: Morocco or Panama in terms of cost, opportunity, health care, taxes, and other “old people” concerns. Don’t yawn, it will happen to YOU one day if you live long enough, too.

To amuse myself during down time (doctor and dentist waiting rooms, etc.) I have been sketching plans for a retirement home. I will still consider buying an existing home, but drawing out ideas always gives me ideas, and it is a soothing activity at the same time. I am wrapping up one chapter of my life and opening a new, fresh, blank page of a brand-new chapter.


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