299: Randomness: From Other People

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Really? And you were there to verify this? For all you know, there were only two women at first, and they reproduced asexually. That’s MY theory, and I’m sticking to it.

The theory of Evolution is just that…a theory. So is the Big Bang Theory. Since none of us were there to tell the tale, let’s just all accept that it happened, and let it go at that. OK?

Children are unfair punishment for sex. REALLY. Then don’t have any – problem solved.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  And kill off anybody who does not live by this rule. Oh, wait a minute………..

Dragonflies are awesome. ANY creature that feeds on mosquitoes I am a big fan of. Even bats.

Frog legs, turtle toes, chicken lips, and lizard elbows. (Snack table at the monster ball.)

“You can’t believe all the quotes you read on the Internet.” Ben Franklin

From this day forward, I accept a late paper from a student only with a $1,000 dollar fine. And then, it only counts for half credit. That should fix the problem.

Cats provide interesting life lessons. One of them is this one: if all else fails, take a nap. I like cattitude.

Morocco has crazy taxi drivers and even crazier regular drivers. Really, the most dangerous thing you can do in Morocco is be on the road – driving OR walking.

School is a great place for do-overs. Life usually isn’t.

Men and women are not of the same species. SERIOUSLY. Not even remotely. At all.

Home-grown tomatoes are exquisite – and so is home-grown spinach. Pretty much anything home-grown beats something purchased at the market. Grow a garden – at least as long as the government will allow you to do so…….

Housework and homework stink. That’s why they are called work. Otherwise, they’d be called housefun and homefun.

Cats and dogs are smarter than people. Don’t think so? Whose pet are YOU?


2 thoughts on “299: Randomness: From Other People

  1. I like this.. It made me laugh. It is so true, it reflects how little we really know of our world. 🙂

    • Sometimes the random comments plié up when you don’t have a chance to respond – then when you get a minute, it ALL comes out. Thanks for stopping by!

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