306: Cutting Out Carbs

I’ve been reading about how I am eating. If you read an article about sugar, you’ll have a heart attack on that information alone: much less about artificial sweeteners, or lack of exercise, or fructose, or processed foods, or…….(fill in the blank here). Apparently, if you did not pull it from the Earth yourself, or pick it off the tree, you should not eat it. And if it did not come gushing forth fresh from a mountain crevice, you should not drink it, either. Jeepers, creepers.

OK, some things I can control, and some things I can’t. I can learn to live without breads and grains – even without pasta and rice. I can learn to let vegetables be the primary component of my food, with fruit as dessert. I think I can do without any processed food, and I am pretty sure I can do without sugar. Maybe. If I try really, really hard. I can stop using margarine, and switch to butter. I can drink tea without sugar, and use lemon instead. Or cream. I can learn to love avocados, and coconut. I already like olive oil, so that’s a given.

It would help if they would tell you all these things when you are a youngster, so you grow up doing it the right way, ding, dong, dag nab it. It sucks waiting until you are fifty-something to find all this out and finally make up your mind to do it. Sheesh. Well – I wanted a fresh start in life – looks like I will be getting a complete do-over in the food department, anyway.


4 thoughts on “306: Cutting Out Carbs

  1. Life without Pasta. That’s not a world I want to live in

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