313: Cavalry

I am still stranded in Orlando, but not at the Orlando Airport any longer – heartless place. One of my three cats: 48 hours in a small carrier kennel: cut his neck and I had to leave and take a taxi to the nearest vet’s office. Six miles = 15 US dollars. In Morocco, you can travel in a taxi 70 kilometers for 50 dirham: 6.25 US dollars.

A visit to our vet in Morocco (neuter surgery) is 400 dirham – less than 50 US dollars. This little trip – not that I am not EXTREMELY grateful to the vet who took us and cared for my fur child – was 350 US dollars.

My dinner at McDonald’s was eight dollars – I can feed my husband and myself on 100 dirham a week  – 12.50 US dollars – in Morocco. Understand why I went there, and why I am toying with the idea of retiring there? I can afford to live there!

Even though I was not able to take my scheduled American Airlines flight to Panama City, Panama yesterday, to my new job, and I spent the night on a bench in the airport with three cats in small crates who needed food, water and walking so they could go potty every few hours, I am stuck THERE no longer. Because I had to go to the vet on an emergency basis, Fluff appears to be OK (even if it’s not pretty), and the cavalry is on the way to get me. My mom and my daughter are driving to Orlando from Athens, Georgia to rescue me. I will probably cry when I see them – it’s been that bad.

Thank God for family who love you, and who come and rescue you when there is a s&^* storm.


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