318: Malo claro, claro malo

untitledClaro (Spanish for “of course”) is the name of a TV/cable, telephone and Internet provider here in Panama, and in other countries as well. They claim to be the best in Panama. Yeah, right.

Since they are the BEST (of course), I went to them to purchase my Internet service. I don’t yet have my work visa (in process) so I can’t get a land line phone, and must use a wireless modem to Internet service. So, I bought their modem and went home to install it and try out my 20 day’s worth of service (47 dollars and change, pre-paid). Only it did not work. It claimed it would connect, and it claimed to have good signal strength, but no Internet browser would open, nor Skype.  So I could not use it. I returned to claro the next day, and they said there was a glitch between their modem and Windows version 8. They knew this. I had not known this, and they did not tell me when I bought it that it would not work with Windows 8. Claro are the best in Panama, right? Their stuff should obviously work on W8, as it is not as if W8 was released just yesterday. They tried to fix it, and I took the computer home to see if the fix worked. It didn’t.

It also did not work on the ELEVEN other trips I made to get the problem resolved. Finally, out of patience, I asked for a refund. Oh, f(&%^$ NO. It is MY fault (they patiently explained to my incredulous self) that their POS modem won’t work with W8, not theirs. They suggested that I try to sell my useless (to me) modem to someone else to recover the money I paid. What I suggested to them is unprintable and anatomically impossible.

So, claro – the 47 bucks and change you cheated me out of, since you KNEW your crap would not work with W8 and did not tell me when I bought it, has already cost you three customers that I told about this delightful experience, and will continue to cost you customers as long as I draw breath. How cost-efficient is keeping my 47 bucks now, hmmmmm?


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