321: Luggage

imagesThe airlines are in a war, and not with each other this time: with US. This war is over the issue of luggage. If you are somebody who can travel with your toothbrush in your back pocket, this is not an issue for you. For everybody else in the UNIVERSE, it is a huge issue.

They (the airlines) keep looking for ways to gouge a few extra dollars (or rubles, or Euros, or yen, or dirham, or WTFever) out of their customers. Carriers with airfare in the affordable range allow you 5-10 kilos, depending, and the BAG weighs that much, much less putting anything IN the bag.

Airlines that cost your first-born GRANDchild graciously allow you to take a real, life-sized suitcase with a change of clothes so you don’t stink too badly when you arrive at your destination. Gee, thanks.

I moved country to Panama from Morocco. I needed maximum luggage allowance, and paid for extra. I even took the WHEELS off my luggage so that I had a few more ounces of actual STUFF I could pack. I wore multiple layers so I could get one or two more items on the plane. Still not enough. *sigh*

I did my best. Infantry private, economy class Dianne – that’s me.


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