328: Life and the alternative

There is a lot of advice out there on how to live your life so that it is meaningful, productive and non-harmful to others. Some incorporate the teachings of a religious leader into their philosophy of living, and others emphatically and vociferously don’t. Why being religious should offend someone who is determined to assert that there is no God amazes me, but, there it is. I think people need to mind their own freaking business.

Others incorporate that do-no-harm philosophy to the point of idiocy, and you know what? That is also their right, and their choice. You have to eat something, because that is how the human body operates, whether by evolution or by design. Science has proven that plants do have reactions to harmful events, much like sentient creatures do, so vegetarians are not all that higher and nobler than the rest of us, in my view. It is still a living organism you are chomping on. And the ones I truly despise? Those who condemn me for not being vegetarian, standing there in their leather shoes beside their automobile. I think people need to mind their own freaking business.

Lastly, and quite thankfully LEASTLY, there are those whose lives consider no one and nothing other than what they want and what is best for them. That includes most governments, political leaders, radical terrorists and other predator psychopaths, who find nothing morally wrong (because they don’t have any morals?) with the view that other living beings are just obstacles to be used, or failing that, steamrollered. THOSE are the people who REALLY need to mind their own freaking business.

No matter how convoluted life becomes, most of the time, for the vast majority of the time, it still beats the alternative.


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